Honda CB 150F Price in Pakistan

The Honda CB150F bike Price in Pakistan is Rs.493,900. It’s a cool bike made for smooth rides on roads. It has a 4-stroke SOHC Air Cooled 150cc Engine that’s good on gas. The engine size is 149.2 cm3, which means it’s just the right size for power and not using too much fuel.

Honda CB 150F Price in Pakistan

Honda CB 150F Price in Pakistan

Honda CB 150F Bike

Rs. 493,900 /- PKR

It has 5 gears that are easy to switch between. You can start it with a kick or just by pressing a button. The chain that drives the wheels is strong and won’t break easily.

Honda CB 150F Description

Engine 4 Stroke SOHC Air Cooled 150cc Engine with Balancer 
Displacement 149.2 cm3 
Bore & Stroke 57.3 x 57.8 mm 
Compression Ratio 9.1:1 
Transmission 5 Speed Constant Mesh 
Starting Kick StartSelf-Start 
Final Drive Roller Chain 
Dimension(LxWxH) 2051 x 760 x 1085 mm 
Seat Height 766 mm 
Ground Clearance 168 mm 
Petrol Capacity 13.0 Liters (Reserve: 1.4 Liters) 
Wheel Base 1311 mm 
Tire at Front 80/100 – 18M/C (47P) 
Tire at Back 90/90 – 18M/C (51P) 
Suspension at Front 107 mm Telescopic Fork 
Suspension at Back 91 mm Swing Arm 
Dry Weight 124kg 

Honda CB 150F Images

The bike’s size is about 2051 x 760 x 1085 mm. The seat is at a height of 766 mm, so it’s easy to sit on. The bike is not too high from the ground, with about 168 mm of space. You can put about 13 liters of petrol in it, and there’s still some left even after you use most of it.

The tires at the front are 80/100 – 18M/C (47P), and at the back, they’re 90/90 – 18M/C (51P). This makes the bike grip the road well. The suspension is good too, so you won’t feel every bump. Even though it’s strong, it’s not heavy. It weighs about 124kg, so it’s easy to control.

Honda CB 150F guidelines

  1. Overview: The CB150F Black bike offers a dynamic blend of performance, style, and affordability for riders seeking a reliable commuting and leisure option.
  2. Engine Specifications: Powered by a 4 Stroke SOHC-cooled 150cc Engine with a Balancer, this bike ensures smooth and efficient performance on the road.
  3. Displacement: With a displacement of 149.2 cm3, the CB150F Black bike delivers adequate power for both city commutes and highway cruising.
  4. Transmission: Enjoy seamless gear shifting with the 5-speed Constant Mesh transmission, offering versatility for various riding conditions.
  5. Starting Mechanism: Equipped with both Kick Start and Self-Start options, riders have the convenience of choice when starting the bike.
  6. Final Drive: The bike utilizes a reliable Roller Chain final drive mechanism, ensuring efficient power transfer to the wheels.
  7. Dimensions: The CB150F Black bike measures 2051 x 760 x 1085 mm (LxWxH), providing a balanced blend of maneuverability and comfort.
  8. Seat Height and Ground Clearance: With a seat height of 766 mm and a ground clearance of 168 mm, riders can enjoy a comfortable and confident riding experience, even on uneven terrain.
  9. Fuel Capacity: The bike boasts a generous fuel tank capacity of 13.0 liters, with a reserve of 1.4 liters, enabling longer rides with fewer stops for refueling.
  10. Wheelbase: A wheelbase of 1311 mm contributes to the bike’s stability and handling, providing riders with enhanced control and confidence on the road.
  11. Tires: The CB150F Black bike comes equipped with durable tires, with specifications of 80/100 – 18M/C (47P) at the front and 90/90 – 18M/C (51P) at the back, ensuring reliable grip and traction in various road conditions.
  12. Suspension System: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with the bike’s front telescopic fork suspension (107 mm) and rear swing arm suspension (91 mm), effectively absorbing bumps and shocks from the road surface.
  13. Weight: Weighing in at 124kg (dry weight), the CB150F Black bike strikes a balance between agility and stability, making it suitable for riders of different skill levels.

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